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Chiropractor in Kelowna Cares for All Ages

Personalized Health Care at Mission Family Chiropractic

When you join the Mission Family Chiropractic family, your visits are all about you. Dr. Tim Wood, Chiropractor Kelowna is here to determine what you are seeking help with and how we can help you live a life full of activity and health, which we call living fully alive! We will use our knowledge, experience and wealth of techniques to provide the best solution for your individual needs.

Optimal Spine, Optimal Health, Fully Alive

Our compassionate team has one goal: to find what’s causing your body to have less-than-optimal function and to correct it. Restoring an optimal spine allows your body to heal from the inside out. This reduces pain and other symptoms while healing towards optimal health allowing you to live fully alive.


Clients at our practice range in age from newborn babies to seniors. Whether you seek to reach the greatest levels of wellness or relief from discomfort, we are ready to help you. We love making an impact on our community by helping families in the Okanagan Valley live fully alive.

Listen to Your Body’s Alarm

When the engine light goes on in your car, it’s a sign that something isn’t working right. Pain and symptoms work as a check engine light for your body, telling you that a problem exists. Rather than just turning the engine light off, Dr. Wood determines why the light came on in the first place so that your body naturally heals the problem and stops creating the pain or symptoms.

Many health care options mask your symptoms. Instead, Dr. Wood locates the root of your problem, helping your body heal from the inside out.

Take advantage of our new client special offer! Contact our helpful, friendly team today to discuss how we may be able to help you.

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