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Articles and Recipes for Optimal Health

Healthy Recipes

woman eating saladBelow you will find a collection of our favorite recipes from websites, cookbooks, etc. Very few of these are our own recipes, they’re ones we love from other people – enjoy! Most of them are 40 Day Lifestyle Change friendly, some may involve small amounts of sweetener like honey or maple syrup which you can have in small amounts every few days; for those recipes, consume one serving once every few days so you can still re-train your sweetness level.

Also, I have to mention that any recipe saying “raw” means nothing cooked is used in it and other than including raw honey, they are perfect for being creative and healthy at the same time.

Articles Written by Dr. Wood


Our favorite 40 Day Challenge breakfast is either a smoothie, or eggs or almond flour pancakes. Almond flour is expensive but very nutritious and tasty! Our family love almond flour pancakes but there are lots of bad recipes out there. Here are several good recipes, all with different textures so try them all and see which your family likes best. The first is a simple one that is easy to make turn out well. If you have issues making any of these with the batter or having them not flip well, try cooking at a higher temp or letting the batter sit for 10 minutes before cooking. Go to this site for more troubleshooting tips, they should look like normal pancakes but are full of healthy ingredients!

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Truthfully we do not make many recipes for dinner. Our typical dinner is a protein and two vegetables, with lots of cut up veggies eaten by starving kids while mom is cooking the food. We BBQ chicken, salmon, and grass-fed meat usually marinated in herbs and lemon juice and chipotle salt, or something similar, most nights of the week.

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