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Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy

What if you could have a pregnancy that was more comfortable with less chance of intervention during delivery? It might surprise you to hear that chiropractic care has been shown to give these benefits and more for expecting moms.

Dr. Wood has a Fellowship in Pediatrics and Pregnancy from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and can safely help you through every stage of your pregnancy, right up to a successful birth.

The Webster Technique for In-Utero Constraint

Mom holding baby's hand. | Chiropractor Kelowna
Dr. Wood’s gentle approach includes pregnancy pillows and specialized tables that adjust to your pelvis. He is trained in using the Webster Technique, which helps improve your pelvic alignment so your baby can move head down. When a misalignment occurs, it can distort the uterus, causing issues with the positioning of the baby. It can result in a cesarean section surgery if it’s not corrected.

Studies show that this technique is over 95% effective at allowing your baby to turn head down before delivery! In Dr. Wood’s experience, when an expecting mom is under chiropractic care during her pregnancy the baby position is never a problem.

This is one of the reasons there is much research showing the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy. Findings include:

  • A 50% average reduction in labor time
  • A 50% average reduction in interventions such as cesarean, forceps and epidural
  • A generally better outcome of labor and delivery, helping both mom and baby


When you’re under chiropractic care during pregnancy, your baby is more likely to have a healthier spine and nervous system from birth, starting life off with incredible health.


A Healthier Pregnancy for a Better Delivery

Dr. Wood, Chiropractor Kelowna recommends that expecting moms visit Mission Family Chiropractic as soon as possible during pregnancy. Even one adjustment can be what your baby needs to turn from a breech position. Many of the common problems during pregnancy, such as sciatica, don’t affect moms who are getting regular chiropractic adjustments.

In the last trimester, we may recommend that we see you more often due to increased stress on your spine.

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