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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care at Mission Family Chiropractic

Mom holding baby's hand.What if you could have a pregnancy that was more comfortable? What if your body was able to function and communicate better so the incredible, highly co-ordinated process of relaxing soft tissues for maximum expansion, aligning structural tissues like your pelvis for maximum expansion, along with well-timed strong contractions to deliver your baby naturally, as quickly as possible, with as little intervention as possible?

Since your nerve system controls and coordinates the amazing process that happens during delivery, it makes sense that improved spine and pelvic alignment along with the resulting improved nerve system function and co-ordination is a great foundation for a great birth. The benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy start long before the delivery and our pregnant patients have been praising the effects of chiropractic care for almost two decades!

Dr. Wood has a Fellowship in Pediatrics and Pregnancy from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and can safely help you through every stage of your pregnancy, right up until your birth.

Dr. Wood’s gentle approach includes pregnancy pillows and specialized tables that adjust to your pelvis. He is trained in using the Webster Technique, one of the techniques used which helps improve your pelvic alignment and function. The alignment and proper function of your pelvis and spine are fundamental to a comfortable pregnancy, and an effective birth as misalignments, when they occur, can distort the pelvis and put stress on different tissues already under greater stress during pregnancy.

Dr. Wood, Chiropractor Kelowna recommends that expecting moms visit Mission Family Chiropractic as soon as possible during pregnancy. Even one adjustment can be helpful, but regular care and lifestyle advice will help you have a healthier pregnancy. It starts with our pregnancy booklet you will receive on your first visit to our office. In Dr. Wood’s clinical experience many of the common problems during pregnancy, such as sciatica, don’t occur as often, if at all, in moms who are getting regular chiropractic adjustments before and during their pregnancy. In the last trimester, we may recommend that we see you more often due to increased stress on your spine.

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